Clep subjects?

Question:i am a high school student who wants to take the biology, American Literature, Us history , american government and college algebra i want to take any two of the exams.So my question is can i take any two of the exams? also i passed the ap exam for us history but i want to take the part two us history because during my visit to my future college the people said that they won't consider my score since it's not a 4 or a 5 but a 3 so can i take these clep examination part two us history and if i pass it with 50 or higher will i be able to skip the us history class in college. also what's the difference between ap and clep. also would it look good on my transcript if a high school student takes and passes even one of the clep examination getting 50 or above?

CLEP is what college students take. Most high schoolers take the AP

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