Can i apply for special consideration after my exam results?

Question:i got an A in my GCSE maths but i'm 2 marks off an A* ... At the time i had tonsilitus so if i give a doctors note in, can i apply for special consideration to boost the grade up?... or is it too late?

You could put in an appeal to have your grade raised. First you would need to discuss this with your school, and gather enough evidence to show that you're deserving of a better grade; things like your preliminary or half-term (mock exam) results are usually kept by schools in case students want to appeal their final grades. A note from your doctor saying that you were sick (and therefore not on top form) at the time could help as well.
Too late
You have nothing to lose by applying. Alternatively you could request to take it over and study more. Keep in mind that once getting out of school, nobody even looks at your grades. They just want to know you can do the job!

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