Ethical pickle, requirement thinker for this one.?

I am an older college student near many notch on my bookstrap. I am inexplicably computer savvy.

I think I be given a test run of a foreign process by teacher as lipstick homework.

The problem is, it uses javascript and a post method where adjectives of the variables are in the HTML to be freely manipulate and decoded.

I did not debris my time decoding the answers that be provided in the code. I did however knead the test to show me (and not my teacher) the few answers I did attain wrong the first time through.

I ran through an unmodified interview the second time around possibly correcting 3/4 of the wrong answers. In essence I got a second try after seeing which question I got wrong.

Every answer I submitted be from my book, notes, or recollection. I bumped myself from a elevated B to a low A getting a second try and stopping there. Two more tries would enjoy guaranteed a suspicious 100%.

Do I expose myself as a hacker to dissuade the professor from using this bad process?

Answers:    It sounds similar to you are feeling guilty because you own exploited a vulnerability and said nothing nearly it. Here's a multiple-choice question:

If you found a wallet lying on the ground would you:
a. Take the money and set out the wallet
b. Take the money and try to return the wallet
c. Try to return the wallet, leaving the money inside
d. Walk away and start out the wallet

You knew what the "right thing" to do be and you chose to do something else for your own gain. There is still time for you to do the right thing... fess up and inform your teacher. What's the worst article that could happen? Once upon a time I did something similar and some call for my firing (I was a student worker who found a vulnerability) but instead I get hired on as a full-time employee and gain some respect from my new boss and co-workers. Heck, the college of late might hire you to be on their side. At the very least possible, leave an anonymous record.
Yes, you don't want that on your conscious.

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