Do colleges see every single sat test and score i took?

Question:do colleges see every single sat test along with score that i took? even if for one of them, i chose not to send it to any colleges?

Yes colleges see every single sat test you take. When I first took the SAT, my score was low in the mid 1700s but then I got the sat guide from TutorFox: and my score went up to 2190 (800 math, 760 writing, 630 reading). I highly recommend this guide for anyone wishing to get a higher SAT score.
They only see what you send to them, especially if you bubbled in a college on the list on the back of the exam. They WILL have your scores then. But since ya didn't specify the school I guess you're good to go then. ;p
what do you mean sta is second important thing college look for . they do look at all your sta score . they choose best way and decided do they want you.
yes, unfortunately, colleges DO see every single score of every test (SAT) that you took. the only scores that the collegeboard withholds are AP test scores, if you request so. there used to be an option to withhold scores from SATs and SAT IIs before, but that can no longer be done. sorry and good luck

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