Best SAT prep books? (just for the main SAT)?

I would recommend KAPLAN or Princeton Review's test prep method. I particularly recommend Princeton Review because the writers wrote the book in a tone that would appeal to high school students. They also contain practice tests with questions similar to that of the actual SAT.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Sparknotes Review books. Although they write in a tone that's really appealing and occasionally humorous and have a couple of useful tips, their test questions occasionally look NOTHING LIKE actual SAT questions. I would also NOT RECOMMEND Barron's. It contains NUMEROUS typos and errors that give you a headache when trying to study.


Some extra tips:

In order to prepare EFFECTIVELY for the SAT, I would suggest the following:

1) Purchase a test prep book. I recommend the KAPLAN, Princeton Review, or the Official College Board book to study. If you have the time, consider buying two, although that is not necessary. I DO NOT recommend purchasing the SparkNotes Review Books or Barron's Review method. SparkNotes does not present accurate test questions similar to that of an actual SAT and Barron's contains NUMEROUS errors which are a headache when trying to study. While reading, ANNOTATE the book (write notes in the column, underline key hints, etc.) and write specific things you may need to remember (such as math formulas/vocab words) on an index card and quiz yourself periodically.

2) Sign up for the College Board "Question of the Day." If you haven't already, sign up for an account with College Board at and sign up for the Sat Question of the Day. It's a great way to practice Sentence Completions, writing questions, and math problems even though it does not include any reading passages.

3) READ READ READ. It's the best way to increase your vocabulary and get used to the passage readings. Besides regular fiction, read the newspaper, magazines such as Time and Newsweek, and editorials. Look up words you don't know while thinking about the author's purpose, tone, etc.

4) REVIEW! Purchase a SparkChart in the area you believe you need the most help and review the materials. Although SparkNotes makes mediocre books, they make awesome review charts. I highly suggest the NEW SAT: Math.

5) PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! You won't get better just by studying! You need to take FULL-LENGTH, TIMED practice SAT tests periodically. You need to get used to the seemingly never ending sections.

6) And in desperate need, sign up for an SAT class. If you are diligently working at home and find yourself being distracted or chronically unsuccessful, consider taking an SAT Course with KAPLAN or the Princeton Review.

Best of luck to you!
There are many useful books like kaplan and barrons. +0
Personally I love the Up your score books. They're all really good, just make sure you get the latest edition.

Otherwise, go with the Collegeboard books.

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