AP calculus or regular statistics?

Question:i'm just looking ahead to my senior year of high school and wondering which class i should take. i'm planning to major in engineering. AP calculus would give me the skills i need for college, but statistics seems interesting too. which one?

AP calculus would definately look good on ur resume but you also have to work hard in that class, i think. It's hard. Regular Statistics would look common, since many students would pick it as their first choice. It depends on you because if you are a hard worker then go for AP Cal. =)
AP calc. It will look a lot better on a resume
AP calc
at my school u can take ap calc AND ap stats. (not just regular stats)
Depends on how well you did in precal honors - assuming thats a requisite for ap cal. From what i hear AP Cal is hard, i plan on taking it next year. I would go for it only if you are good in math considering more than half of the people who take it get 2s or 1s on the ap exam.

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