AP History or U.S. History?

Question:I do not like studying history but I'm competing for second place in school rank. So I am not sure if I should take AP History or just U.S. History. A few things about me: I'm a good essay writer, I can memorize events well but I just am not fond of history. Which one should I take?

Gut it out and take AP History. You'll probably have to work pretty hard, but I think you'll be fine.
I think you should try for AP class.

It's always good to try for higher ...

Usually AP classes require a good write and memorizer!

So go for it! Good luck!
I just took AP U.S. History last year and it is a pretty difficult subject. There's a lot of facts to memorize, it can be boring at times, lots of mundane details about history and you have to be knowledgeable when writing essays.

If you're competing for 2nd place in your school, go for it, just make sure you keep up with the class, do all your homework, and perform well on your tests. If you do these things, it should be no problem.

I got a 3 on the AP Exam also
Will your dislike for history interfere with your memorization and writing skills? Will you have to force yourself to sit through class lectures, study, and do the daily homework assignments?

To me, I only do well in the subjects that I love and find a passion for because no matter how much work I have to put up with, I enjoy the work because I want to know actually learn the material.

If it's just a little bit of dislike, then give it a try. Challenge yourself.

Or if you really hate history (like me), take regular U.S. History and get a high grade in that class instead. But of course, the grade won't be weighted. If you know you can get above a 90 in AP History, then take it. A 90 in AP classes is worth a 4.3 (in calculating your GPA). A 99 or even a 100 in regular classes is worth 4.0. Of course, your other classes come into the calculation.
I also have no interest in history and I am concerned with my ranking, although there's no way I'll be #2. I don't know if this is only true at my school, but there is little doubt that AP History is the toughest class in high school. However, if you take the basic version of the class, it will be way too easy and your grade will suffer because you will sleep/zone out constantly. (In New York, all students must take a standardized test for the non-AP level of U.S. History, and it is unbelievably simple. I could have passed the test without having taken the course at all.) Since you will have trouble focusing, you won't get a 100. For AP, the weighting will make it so that you'll end up only a few points behind where you would be with the easy version of your class.

I know what you're thinking: I just suggested that you take AP, but in my previous sentence, I suggested that your GDP will be better off without AP. However, there is a reason for this. First of all, if your competing against the top students in the school, everyone else going for #1 and #2 will be taking AP too. In addition, colleges would rather see you challenge yourself. I've visited enough colleges to know that a student who took as many AP classes as possible and got a 95 is more likely to be accepted than one who took easy classes and got a 100. In addition, AP scores will help too. Besides, if you have a realistic chance of being #2, you must be capable of being succesful in AP History.
I don't know how your school does it but in my school Ap course and Honors Course count as the same amount of credits. AP is much harder and it looks good on college applications. I didn't take it because i don't like history. To do well in this course you must memorize lots of stuff, a good writer and like history, especially US History. I think you should take AP and move down to Honors if it is too difficult. Your grades average will be scored on the same level anyway. And by the way, you must pass the AP exam to get credit for it in college.
i took a.p. history last year. i've never really like history but i am also competing for class rank so i needed to take it.you should too!
my teacher was a good teacher but kooky, what i suggest is that you buy, at the end of the year, an a.p. history review book which has tests on the back and essays and practice with them. they really do help.
also what i did in search the web for "a.p. u.s. history quizzes" and there are a couple of websites with loads of questions! you could practice throughout the year and they could help on your regular tests and then when a.p. exams come you take them again.
so yeah, take it!

i got a four!
APUSH. essay writing, understanding trends and concepts, memorizing facts(presidents, states, everything), reading... take APUSH!

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