Driving test in yeovil tomorrow has anyone got any tips at all im really nervous x?

Question:eeeep help xxxx

don't crash
Just pretend it it your instructor sitting next to you, and its just a normal lesson!

Relax before!

Try your best.

If something goes wrong, don't draw attention to it, just carry on!

What will be, will be!!

Good Luck!
Drive how you drive with your instructor.
keep going, even if the examiner writes on the paper. keep going as you were. It might just be a minor or it might be nothing.
Observations - biggest points killer. Perfect them and even the worst driver has a chance at passing.

Just drive how you do normally.
Good luck.
Hey whoa, first person I've met on here from Yeovil! I had my test here a couple of years back, what time is yours? You'll be fine, my tester told me Yeovil has one of the shortest test periods in the south west! Just make sure you're careful on the coutry roads if you're taken out on the way to Barwick, more make mistakes there than in the town!

You'll do great!
Stay calm and try and remember all you have been taught. You will be great for sure.
Just stay calm. Remember everything that your instructor said. Remember everything that you've learnt. Then hit the road. Put on some reasonable music. No punk rock. Listen to some RnB. Then turn the radio a bit queiter and focus on the road.
wear a really short skirt & a low cut top.
keep in mind that the test is not even an hour, so for that small length of time do everything you've ben thaught, and after you PASS your free to drive whereever. good luck tommorrow!
You just have to keep control of your nerves the best you can! good luck!!

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