Can you re-sit part of GSCES?

Question:Can you re-sit units of GSCEs? As I want to just re-sit 2 units of my english gsce.

yes if you pay for them
Dont think so,but if you fail on the subject you can pay to re-take it again. In fact! you can also pay to sit yur GCSE's before your meant to. =]
I think you'll find that you'll have to re-sit the entire exam.
However, as it's an English exam, and you spell the word "English" as "english" with a lower case letter e at the start, I doubt you'd have much chance passing the entire exam.
Furthermore, as far as I'm aware, the full title of the examination in question is General Certificate of Secondary Education. Thus the abbreviation is GCSE and neither GSCE nor gsce which you suggest.
I suggest you save your time and money - but the choice is yours.
Yes. You will probably have to pay for the exams though. Put your name down early with the school or college and it shouldnt be a problem.
It should be about £10 - £20 per exam.
no. you can only resit the whole class.
i think at GCSE you will have to resit the entire course. You could enrol as a private candidate or you could study the GCSE course which you want to resit, while you're doing your A-Levels.
You need to talk to your English teacher.

You need to talk to your Exams Officer.

If you already have a grade then you need to decline it and that needs to be done as soon as possible, then you should be able to retake the units. Decline a grade means not taking it so that parts of the exam you were successful in will still count. (course work)

It will depend upon the board and the syllabus but you may be able to do retakes in November. If your school does not have a sixth form they will be able to recommend one to you. Good Luck

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