Teacher's grade degree.... AM I WRONG?

I talked to my coach about her grade scale. She give us 20 grades a parking period.

You go and get 4pts for every A
3pts for every B
2pts for every C
1pt for every D

because we get 20 grades, the topmost you can get is 80pts.

Now this is the factor that I think she is wrong going on for. This is her grading go up.

80-80= A
79-60= B
59-40= C
39-20= D

How is that possible? First of all, how is it that 79 out of 80 a B?

What roughly a 3.6? That's an A. I told her that the scale have to be in ration. She told me to come up beside a new grade scale, so I did.

Here's mine. I in truth came up near 2 different grading scales.

3.6-4.0 = 72-80pts= A
3.5-2.6 = 52-71pts= B
2.5-1.6 = 32-51pts= C
0.6-1.5 = 12-31pts= D

Here's my other level (keep in mind that we enjoy 20 grades)

A= 5pts instead of 4
B= 4pts instead of 3
C= 3.5 instead of 2
D= 2pts instead of 1

90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
59 and below is an F

She rejected both.

Answers:    That is a messed up grading level you are right with the traditional grade scale. this does not echo the trditional grading degree. You are not going to like this subsequent comment, but in most informative programs a teacher have the right to any resonable grading size they can produce. However, is this resonable? That question can be proposed to the principal. Give it a shot the worst he can speak is no right? Also, if there be a sylibus your argument will not carry to much concern for the principal since a sylibus out lines the grade curve at the begining of class on the first day . the model is if you did not have a problem near the grading level at the begining then the singular reason you enjoy now is because you do not own the grad you wanted. Yet still bring this to the principal becasue full points for an A explicitly harsh and some @#&&*^!* if you ask me. right luck and aslo don't tell the trainer your going to the principal that is impossible form let the pricipal do their opening. Unless you are in a consultation with this don and the principal the best advise I can grant you is to not talk to the don until the meeting. This make you look better to the principal.
hahaha, in the standard course of grading, I expect you're right. Judging by the first line alone, you entail to get 100% merely to get an A? that is to say unfair. Maybe she is discouraging at math.

On the other hand, she is the professor, and just because here is a standard grading level (not including if they grade on a curve) it doesn't mingy she has to follow it. She's the instructor and she makes the rules, so anything grading scramble she wants to trademark and follow is up to her.

When you get to college, some teacher will grade resembling this: 50% is an F, you get no homework, but you own to get adjectives your points in 2 test: midterm and final.
Most schools hold a grading system that adjectives the teachers must follow. It is excessive to students to have teacher each making up their own grade scales. Talk to the principal and take your parents along.

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