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Question:I graduated from high school in1999. For the past 8 years I have worked in dealerships and been a stay at home mom. I am thinking about going to college. I ordered my high school transcripts and my GPA was good, not great and my ACT testing score was great in English and Reading, ok in science and not so great in math. I have never been good at math. Anyway do I need to take my ACT again to be accepted into college and if I do how do I go about doing that? Also, can I get a book to help me brush up on the required skills to score better this time? Thanks.

First congratulations! You'd have to look the websites/call the colleges you are interested in to see how recent they would want your test scores to be. Whether you would have to take it again I think would depend on if it is a community college, state university, private, or ivy-league.

You could go to a local bookstore (Ex: Barnes & Noble) or online to find a book about the ACT (or any college enterance exam for that matter). They have tons of books availiable! I suggest going to a store, looking at them, and see what format you like.

Hope you have fun and good luck!
No you do not need to retake the ACT again, or all you need to do is order the score confirmation to be send to the college you want to go, costs like 10 dollar or something. You should use the Real Prep ACT book which contains the actual test of the previous years. If you want more in-depth and strategy, buy the Princeton Review Guide. (Either way, it's really helpful, I personally use them both).

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