Do I need to take the SAT again?

Question:Seriously, I am confused because I don't know what to do.

I got a 2010 out of 2400
1330 out of 1600

I am applying to schools like Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, GA Tech, UGA, Emory, and some other ones. My parents think that my score is not competitive enough, but I don't think that I can improve that much by taking it one more what do you think? Do you think I should retake it for a third time?


I think you should take the SAT after you study a bit more, so you can get a higher score. When I first took the SAT, my score was low in the mid 1700s but then I got the sat guide from TutorFox: and my score went up to 2190 (800 math, 760 writing, 630 reading). I highly recommend this guide for anyone wishing to get a higher SAT score.
It wouldn't hurt. Your score might be better the next time. Your score is good.
what? that is a really good score. with those scores, you could easily get into other colleges as well. i wish my scores were that high! your scores are way above average :)
Actually - how did you do in each of the sections? Perhaps you do not feel you can improve your overall school but if you can improve your math or your verbal score, irrelevant of the other, then the Universities to which you are applying will take the highest of each of those sections. For example, if you scored 1100 Verbal and 910 Math this time around, then if you score 900 Verbal and 1010 Math when you take the test again, Georgetown will use the 1100 Verbal from your first test with the 1010 Math from your second test giving you a total of 2110 as opposed to the 2010 you just achieved.

I definitely recommend taking the SAT again if you feel your scores are not at the level they need to be for the schools to which you are applying. Good luck!!
have you taken it twice already. you probably don't need to take it a third time. what most people don't understand is that it is very difficult to significantly increase yoru score on standardized test. your score is competitive and is enough to get you in the door.
other things that are important are GPA, leadership roles, and great recommendations.
Yes, take it again. Your scores fall below the middle 50% for Hopkins and Georgetown.

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