ACT scores?

Question:how can i retrieve them?
i seem to have misplaced them and i need them really bad...

also, is it either or [ACT, SAT] or both that have to be taken?

All you have to do to retrieve your ACT scores is go to the ACT website. I have provided the link to where you can order scores from as far back as September of 2004 below. Just fill out the information and they should send them to you.

Also, most schools accept the ACT or SAT (with writing), but certain prestigious schools or programs require specific SAT II's. Any preference as to the ACT or SAT should be noted on the the individual institution's website however, if there is one.
go to the ACT webstite and look around there

it depends on where you're going to apply, wherever your thinking on wanting to go, check their website and find out which test they want
You can retrieve ACT scores by the ACT website. Simply go to and type ACT score.

Most colleges accept ACT score, yet, SAT score is widely accpt by almost every colleges. Usually students from high school are require to take SAT 1 and SAT 2. Unless you go to an adult school or community college.

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