Can someone give me a method or tips for handling three or more AP classes?

Question:I am going into my senior year and I am taking three AP classes this year: Psychology, Comparative Government, and Music Theory, and a College English class. I think I can handle it, and these are classes where I feel that I have strengths. I was just wondering if anyone had any methods or tips for handling this many APs and being organized with them and college applications.

I learned this my junior year. I actually had to sit down and schedule everything in life month by month, because I was in 4 ap/honor's courses and I played football, wrote for the school newspaper, was in spanish and African Cultural Awareness club, threw shot put on the track team.

I actually took a calendar every month and schedule everything day by day all the way down to when I slept and time for comute to and from school and practice. This helped me stick to a schedule and to assure that I got everything done in a timely manner.
Read this:

He finished a 4 year degree in 1.5 years using those techniques. Give it a spin
First, let me say that you will probably be all right. Psychology and Comparative Government and Music Theory were only meant to be equal to semester classes at college, even though you'll probably be taking the for the full year at your high school. Thus, the material will probably go a little slower in you high school class than it would in a college class, even though it is college material. You'll have to sit down and plan your schedule for studying each week, and if possible, you'll want to have some work/study time each day. With regard to the College English class, be careful. I have heard at my school that some dual enrollment English classes there some are some assigned papers that 9-10 pages long. You literally cannot write them the night before they are due. So get started as soon as possible after getting the assignment.

I have heard that Music Theory can be brutal. It is different from all your other APs in that you have to be good at music (and not just singing; you have to be good a reading and composing and everything else). I knew one student who was a top choral student (as in, ranked #1 or #2 soprano in our district, and she still only pulled a C in the class. Generally, if you have been good at playing an instrument (which requires learning a lot of theory), you will be alight in Music Theory.

As far as doing your college applications: Start working on your essays now. You want a good rough draft (not just a piece of crap, or it would be worthless) of every single essay you will submit before you go off too classes this year. I waited until November and December to do all my college applications (including the essays), and while I still got into all the colleges, I entirely stressed myself out for most of those two months. I even made two mistakes on my applications (in terms of contact information at the school), and I am sure those errors were made due to not spreading the process over several months, since I did read my application a few times before I submitted it and still didn't catch the errors. When I caught those errors a couple of weeks after I had submitted my applications, I was extremely worried I was going to get into no university. The stress of waiting really took its toll. So if you want to avoid that kind of stress, you need to get started on your college applications now.

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