ACT. with or without Writing..?

Question:I do not know.. what is the difference between taking the act with writing.. and taking it without writing... do colleges frown upon those who do not take the writing portion of the act?

The ACT with writing is when you choose a topic to write a short essay on. In my opinion it is best to take it with writing because it will give your college an idea of a potential student who will take the extra measure to complete an assignment and the will to attend school. Go for it.
I don't really think that it matters one just cost more I would take the one with the writing portion on it though it looks better on college app.
Some colleges will require you to take the writing test. Therefore, if you should decide not to do the writing section, you better research colleges to which you are applying to make sure that none of them require or recommend the writing section. If the college requires the writing test, and you don't do the writing, you will automatically be rejected.

I would say, just go do the writing test!

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