For sure I'm screw, but now what?

Question:did you think there any chance for me getting to UC school. I had 2.8 GPA and I think I'm done for it. What should I do to build up again because I'm going to be a senior and I don't know what to do with my life. I know i could i always go to CC and transfer but my parent doesn't like that idea and I felt lower than everyone else. Is there any chance I can still be something big for my future? Any alternate for going to UC with maybe a very high SAT score?

if by uc u mean university of california (and not connecticut/colorado/some other random state that begins with a C), ur not as screwed as u might think. ok sure, ur gpa sucks (lets be honest here), but thats like what? a C+/B- average or something. lemme just say our valedictorian with a gpa of 4.0+ didn't get into uc berkeley while other ppl with much lower gpas did and lemme tell u why (later). sure ur gpa is a factor that ucs look at to admit students, but there are so many other factors that can outweigh ur low gpa and potentially get u into a uc.

oh yeah, before i continue, if youre stressing over u not getting into a uc b/c of ur parents, then f- that!! u cant always make em happy. u gotta do what u can and if u feel like youre disappointing them, DONT. they'll still love u! and youre right, u can always transfer from community colleges. its not as bad as everyone says it is. who cares if its frowned upon, f- them too.

okay anyway, when its time to apply later this fall, don't slack off and finish ur application/personal statements like 2 days, or heaven forbid, the day before the deadline like the many idiots i knew who did. ur personal statements are absolutely crucial, i mean CRUCIAL! i think u guys have to only write two this year (but im not sure, go check!) which, depending on how u look at it, is either lucky or quite unlucky. sure u get to write less, but u lose a prompt to respond to which could let u make urself look better!! heh, but anywho. the prompts are up already, and u should be starting. yea so i just checked, u do only have to write two essays (uc admit ppl are getting lazy!). be thoughtful and reflective and let ALL ur teachers and ur parents/other adults (if they know english) read ur personal statements for advice/revision. and again, dont wait till the last minute. because theyll just skim it and give u crappy advice. make them read it over and over again until its perfect. another factor, COMMUNITY SERVICE and extra curricular activities. dont exaggerate ur community service hours. and if u have none, ur high school sucks for not having a requirement. but anyway START NOW, ur summer's about to end. list all of ur extra curricular activities as well cause they'll ask u to list em and write like a lil sentence or two about what the club/activity is/ what positions u hold. if ur in a sports team, college prep class, asb, etc. those are good too. if youre not in any clubs, sign up for them once school starts!

just dont rely too heavily on ur gpa/sat scores. i mean, dont f- them off completely, but dont be so discouraged. "for sure im screwed" NOT for sure!! stay positive. honestly, i think the personal statements were the most critical thing for me (i just graduated this year, 07!!) u still have time. oh yeah, another thing, the ACTS are sooo much easier than the SATs do BOTH of them and report both of ur scores. if u have to bc ur not satisfied with ur score, take the december SATs and report ur score later. u can do that after u submit ur application once the deadline arrives if u check the lil box thing that tells them youre taking the december one. oh yeah, u also need two SAT II subject tests for ucs...

heres what i had that got me into berkeley
sat total: 1740
act composite: 25
sat II, math II (i dunno why i even bothered to take this lol): 510
US history:680
again, these factors were very modest and quite low to be admitted into cal, but i think my personal statements put me over the top. and no, if u think im a rich white kid whose parents paid their way for me to get into berkeley, then u are wrong!! i am neither white nor rich

okay, theres my advice for u. dont be discouraged! also, do some research on what u want to do with ur life b/c again different ucs are good depending on what u want to with ur life. also CSUs arent as bad as well. have u looked into those as an alternative? apply to UCs and CSUs for backup and dont do what ur parents want, do what YOU want.


Which UC? If it is a state school, they have to admit you for at least one semester regardless of your GPA. Work a little harder your senior year (yes, those grades still count) apply to whatever school you want and go from there. You are only about 17 or 18 years old, you still have a little time to figure out what you want to do with your life. Right now, study more and enjoy your senior year!
Man, where you get your schooling is not the issue.
Building character and doing whatever career you choose as a servant would is what will promote you.
Doing things without being told, working when other people are screwing around. Going the extra mile without being asked.
It is not necessarily where you get it, but what you do with the education you get.
2.8 is not the end of the world. Focus on your SAT's and your extra curricular activities. Clubs or Sports? After-school job? Community Service? That last one is especially good for building your character as well as your "resume".

And about cc- nothing at all wrong with that as an option. Especially if you don't have a strong desire for a life path. CC is a good way to take classes in several fields and experiment with what jobs you might like to do. After 2 years, you have an AA degree and can go to a 4 year college with a stronger idea of what you want out of life.

good luck!
If your 2.8 is an overall GPA, and not just your GPA for last semester, then you don't stand much of a chance of getting into any of the UCs (perhaps Merced, but not any of the others). You can definitely get into some sort of a college, but not a very good one, so you really would be better off going to a good community college for a couple of years. Ask your parents what their ideas might be for what you. I don't know if they have a distorted idea of what the best way to succeed would be, or if they know something that I don't.

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