Exam results...?

Question:I recieved my result online and was gutted to see i only got a C in psychology (is it really that bad?)

Throughtout the year i had been passing papers with an A and B pass. My prelim exam was an A pass.

Would i be eligible to appeal? How do i go about this?


If you want to appeal against a grade you need to go into college and speak to your exams officer you then can either go straight for a remark its quite expensive but if its been unfairly marked you get the money back or your other option is to get a photocopy of your paper its about a tenner and let your teachers look at it and see what they think and then you can go in for the remark I think its about £50 so it could be worth having the paper back first. Lastly if you go for the remark it could go down as well as up in marks.
i depends on which specific exam? where do you go to school. we need more info.
perhaps your teacher was too lenient in their marking allyear - most of them are to try and keep their students motivated. I think it is a big mistake because so many of them then end up disappointed. If you want a remark you need to contact your college straight away ; but be prepared to pay the fee.

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