Does anyone know anything about the NAPLEX exam suspension?

Question:I am trying to find answers as to why the NAPLEX exam (pharmacy licensing) has been temporarily suspended per a memo dated August 24, 2007. I have tried to call the Board of Pharmacy but they were only able to give vague answers to my questions. I suppose I will be rescheduled to take it in the future but what does this mean for my friend who recently failed it? I mean, aside from the fact that she will be rescheduled, the memo stated that the test was suspended because it may have been compromised. How does she know that her results are accurate now? Perhaps if the test was compromised, people who failed it, may have done so only because the test is flawed in some way.

My school in GA informed me that they hope to have it reinstated by November. (both the NAPLEX and the GA MPJE).

The test is not flawed. If she made below a 75 she will have to retake it no matter what. The test is compromised because Dr. Warren (former Assistant Dean at the University of GA Pharmacy School) holds a yearly review based on what is actually on the test. He has previous students submit to him questions that they remember and compiles them into a packet that he distributes at the review. His packets are copy writed and I think you sign some type of statement saying that you won't sell or let a friend borrow your review materials.

Before you start the actual NAPLEX you have to agree to a statement saying that you'll keep all material private and not try to compile questions. Which is why Dr. Warren is in trouble and facing legal action against him.

I can't believe that it's actually been suspended. From what I know Dr. Flynn Warren has been doing the review at UGA for years, and I've heard it's the best one to go to if you absolutely don't want to worry about passing. (A classmate of mine went to the review, she got a 147 and had exact copies of the questions in her packet. I didn't go to the review and I got a 95 - but passing is passing)

The test is ment to grade the entry-level pharmacist ability and if you know some of the questions that are going to be on it you're likely to pass with less trouble. In essence it's cheating - so I guess they are making the test over with no previous questions on it. Any update on the test can be found at
The exam was suspended and NABP has released that they HOPE to have it reinstated by December! UGGGG! The reason for the suspension is not being released, but you can read all about it on studentdoctor website. Dr. Flynn from GA has been doing a review for the exam for years and the NABP went onto his home and office and siezed a bunch of information and they feel that the information he was teaching has compromised the "Integrity" of the exam. So as for your friend (who failed -as did I). We really did fail. There is no changing of any scores. They just think that people who passed did it because of some illegal info from Dr. Flynn. This is a bunch of BS if you ask me!! Why we are being punished for something only GA students did is beyond me not to mention all of the practicing pharmacists that did take his course that aren't being punished. Nope just us!! The non-cheating group that now has our lives on hold! Good luck!
What the person said above is correct. Go to this link for further discussion on this topic: They haven't made it clear when people will be able to retake the exam. If you already signed up for a date during the cancelled period, you'll be able to switch dates without paying anything. Until you have the license, you can't work as a pharmacist by yourself. This is screwing up so many people and pharmacies.

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