Does anyone know SAT dates for 2008 for year 6 kids?Trying to book hols around them?

Contact their school.
They are normally 2 or 3 week in May, but saying that, it depends where you live?
lol does it matter? your kids will get crap marks anyway. HAHAHA!!!
I would imagine they are the 12th May to the 17th May. They always fall two weeks before the whitsun bank holiday. I may be wrong, but I have been teaching 7 years and that's how it always has been!
No, they are standard dates and times up and down the country. They have to be delivered to the exact minute so no one is at an advantage through cheating. They go into school league tables so they are pretty important- (although completely worthless as any teacher will tell you what your child can do- not what a stupid test says)
mid-end of may.
Not sure of actual dates but stay clear of May. Look at the cost of the holidays - the cheapest week in May isthe week of the sats.

All schools across england sit them at the same time.
They are the same across the country. Don't have my diary to hand but its 14th -18th or 12th-16th May or thereabouts

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