ADVISE: I'm so SCARED of starting year 10??

Question:I suppose I'm worried I won't have very much time for my friends and family as I'll be dragged down by work.

Also I'm taking 2 languages, French and Spanish. Has anybody here taken 2?

The subjects I chose are: Philosophy, French, Spanish, History and Double Science. I'm happy with that just nervous.

Can anybody give me advice or share their GCSE results with me?

I'm 17 and went through the same stage of worrying prior to my GCSEs. Seriously don't worry, certain members of society (Primarily teachers and parents) seem to enjoy hugely exagerating the work load and difficulty of the GCSEs. Honestly, they really aren't that hard, and the work is definately managable. One tip - When you do begin to get Coursework try, if possible, to do it on your PC almost immediately when it is given, that way if anything goes wrong you have a backup copy, (teachers often loose C/W and blame it on students. Teachers tend to demand a better/rewritten attempt after marking it, so having it on PC will mean you wont have to write it all out again. Also getting it done out of the way will take the weight off your mind)

The most C/W for me was History and English, but even then they weren't too bad. Just concentrate on getting a good headstart on the night you are first given the work, it'll be worth it in the end. Most of the people leave it to the last minute and the teachers often assume this will happen (despite them appearing to be strict initially with deadlines), which will mean you'll have plenty of free time towards the end of year 11 to revise or chill out whilst the idiots are doing the work you did months ago.
Chill out? What are you? 14? Don't worry about it. you might not think so now but GCSE's really aren't a big deal. u have nothing 2 b scared about
Well, you don't really have a lot of choice but to grin a nd bear it.

It is not anywhere near as bad as you think it will be. Sure, there will be a lot of work involved. Welcome to the real world.

However, if you knuckle down with it and get it out of the way as soon as possible, you will still have plenty of time to spend with your friends and family.

I got:

3 A*
5 A
3 B
Don't worry, it will hardly be any different from year 9. i did 2 languages at gcse and a level, gets a bit confusing sometimes but ur obviously good at them and like them if ur taking both so don't worry! It's all about getting the balance right - work hard, play hard!!
First off why take so many languages? If you really want to stand out get set-up to take college courses by your jr/sr years. to do this inquire with your guidance counselor as to how to make this possible. it's a lot easier to get to a university as a transfer student then as a freshmen plus when you finally get there you'll be able to take waaay more interesting classes. You need to stop trying to overload in high school those creds mean nothing compared to college cred. Well here in the U.S.
Hi, I am going into year 11 and I have taken German and double science also. I took my maths and science GCSE's a year early and got A in both. I was as scared as you, but your teachers help you with coursework and revision. I'm sure you want to make your parents proud but they just want you to be happy and healthy
Good luck with your exams and future
I agree with most of what jason said. I've just finished year 11 and am about to go into the sixth form to study for a-levels, which are apparently loads more difficult than GCSEs!

Everyone tells you, right up until you get there, that GCSEs are really hard work and you have loads of work to do, but in my opinion that's rubbish! Yes, you do have coursework to do, but if you keep on top of it and get it done quickly you'll be finished while everyone else is still panicking! When it gets to near the actual exams revision is the thing that will take up a lot of your time, but only if you let it.

Honestly, don't panic because as long as you work hard and keep on top of everything there really is no-where near as much work as everyone goes on about from primary school upwards! At least that's what I found and I did pretty well in my GCSEs. Good luck!

PS Like others have said GCSEs aren't everything, once you've done A-levels as long as you got a-c grades in maths, english and science at gcse level, they don't matter anymore! :)
Dont worry about GCSE's. Teachers just scare you for the fun of it. And just wait for 2 years and you will be enlightened by A levels. GCSE's are just common sense with a few key words chucked it. Everyone can coast and get a C. y brother did. Whereas i was a bit like you and i took months ad months doing coursework and revising. But this way youre bettr prepared for A levels and get better results. 4 A*'s, 2 A's and 6 B's.

With your subjects you have chosen dont worry. Languages are fun and yes they may be hard to get a top grade but employers would rather see a C in French rather then an A in Media. I took Spanish and French and got 2 B's. Very proud and even managed to get a strong A in my oral.

Just dont worry. GCSE's are easy if you just put a bit of work into them. Just dread A levels as the jump is huge.
I got 8 C's but I did absolutely no work what so ever.
You wont be dragged down by work. If you do 2 hours a day homework and 4-5 hours at the weekend you will do fine.
As a teacher of history i am pleased that you are taking that option! You have taken on a lot of demanding subjects, but as long as you manage your time well it should not be a problem. Set aside time for homework/coursework.
You must not be afraid to say if it is getting too much, better to get 10 A's rather than 11 B's. Your family will see how hard you are working and will be proud of you.
Also make sure that you timetable in time to relax, wether that be going to see friends, doing a sport or listening to music etc.. I have seen too many puils do too much work and stress themselves when just having a couple of hours a day to themselves would make them function much better!

Good Luck!
all i can say is do your best. your parents will be proud then, hey, i dropped 2 grades from my predicted grade in sociology, but my parents knew that i had tried, and so they were as chuffed as punch. year 10 is usually just coursework anyway, so concentrate on that and don't leave it till the last minute.
dont worry gcses are not scary, teachers tend to spoon fed you what you need to know, you will have pently of time for friends and family . just make sure you keep up to date because if you dont you end up having to rush things. dont spend too long on homework, just make sure you keep coursework up to date.
if it helps i did double science i had 2 teachers for it, what was a no good teacher and could not at all control my class, she barely was in school she was somehow always ill, and well i had given up because i only know half of what i need to know, in my year 11 mocks i got a grade G of F i cant qutie rember, and i was prectied a grade D or E in scicne at the end of year and 11 and well this ends good i got a C in double science :) i dont know how i manged it but i did!
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