Any suggestions for the GRE??

Question:I will be taking the GRE this friday (in 4 days) and i have been studying all summer. Any last minute study tips or things I should know?

You should have gotten a practice CD in the mail with the confirmation of your GRE time/location. Take the practice test, it will show you exactly what to expect.

Show up to the testing center way early (15min), you will probably be able to get in early, you might not get in if you are at all late. Know where your testing center is so that you don't get lost on your way there.

Eat a good breakfast, but don't drink a lot before the test.

Get a good night's sleep.

Think positively.
I'm wondering the same thing. I have just begun studying for this last month. I just bought the 10th edition GRE book, and I'm going to use the CD they sent me. I am taking it Sept. 28th. Good luck on Friday!!

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