I'm contained by the Spelling Bee and surrounded by necessitate of studying tips!?

i need studying tips for my spelling bee plus i entail studying tips for all my test too

Answers:    flash cards help me study! do a resembling 5-10 words at a time, then it will be like mad easier.
Sometimes visual aides relief out- picture images surrounded by your mind to remember definitions, or newly study hard & work on memorization directly. You can form up little dittos or tunes to help you remember the spellings.
What I do usually is read out the word how I spell it, & keep that within mind. For sure, know how the word's correctly pronunciated-

Hope this helped =)
When thinking in the order of how a word is spelled, I break down the word into separate parts that make it easier to remember (for example, tomorrow= to-morrow). I also turn it characteristics of into a song. Think of one of your favorite songs with a smooth, restful beat and say aloud the letters to that time. It may not work for you, but I'm that kind of learner

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