Do SAT classes really help?

Question:I'm planning on taking the princeton review and i was wondering if its worth it and on average how much do classes raise your sat scores?..thnx :)

Well, it kind of depends on a few things whether the courses are helpful. First, if you are really advanced and would have scores that are fairly high (like in the 600s or higher) without any preparation, then it is not likely that the course would help you. Unless you have an individual tutor, or someone who is going to cater to the needs of the more advanced students, then the class will be aimed at the students who are not quite as good. They'll be learning techniques that you already know. But if you think you would only earn a low score or a mediocre score (or maybe even a slightly better than average score), the course could work for you.

Second, you will actually need to study and practice doing the techniques that you learn in class between different class sessions, and after you finish the class, if you want to do well on the SAT.
I don't recommend taking any classes. The Princeton Review book itself is very well written. I also used the sat guide. Try both...
Well, I know exactly how expensive Princeton review prep is and personally, I think it is absolutely NOT worth it. On average, you can expect your score to raise between 100-250 pts., depending on your score range before you took the class and your dedication and commitment level to the course. The raise in your score is only inevitable. Since the best way to prepare is to practice and what the course essentially is is one big practice test, it would be highly unusual if your score did not naturally rise.

Secondly, the usefulness of SAT prep courses lies in the fact that if you are shelling out a thousand dollars, you will most likely attend every class and take every practice test. This is turn is good motivation for procrastinators and slackers and effective in forcing you to prepare. However, hundreds of dollars for something you can force yourself to do seems like a rip off to me. Also, practically all SAT "teachers", are not really teachers at all. Especially with larger corporations such as princeton review, the "teachers" simply recite from a prewritten manuscript, thus eliminating any real teaching or molding of material to student needs. If you simply buy or borrow a SAT textbook and actually STUDY, you will save yourself a whole lot of money and receive in return a higher SAT score.
Thank you for noticing that! I personally haven't heard anyone say good things about it BUT the people/person affiliated with the site! If you do a Google search for "tutorfox", it brings up a scant thousand results, almost ALL of which are from Yahoo!Answers or similar sites, where one or two people (all the same guy, in my opinion, with different accounts) have been flogging the book!
There was just the one guy on Yahoo!Answers, who was copying and pasting the exact same thing, basically an advertisement for the book, into EVERY question about the SAT. When someone called him on it (by asking a question similar to yours) two or three other accounts on here popped up to defend it—but you can see that they were just created AFTER the questions were posted. (There are two right here- Odessa and Bereoestein something. The third one is Richard Gomez.) Now that his first account has been deleted (since using Yahoo!Answers for advertising purposes is against the "community guidelines"), he's got a new (female) version of himself giving the same copy-and-pasted answer... you’ve probably seen it: “When I first took the SAT, my score was low in the mid 1700s but then I got the SAT guide from TutorFox: and my score went up to 2190 (800 math, 760 writing, 630 reading). I highly recommend this guide for anyone wishing to get a higher SAT score.” When it was the old version of him, it was the EXACT SAME THING, only with (if I recall) a 2170 overall score, or somewhere thereabouts—it seems all of the answers he gave were deleted with his name, though, because I can’t find them anymore even where I KNOW he posted them. He has gotten cleverer with it, though, and he’ll actually give you a question-specific answer on one account, but it’s easy to see that the very first answer he gave (I dare say the reason that account was created) was this question: (I’m talking about benrosenstien12, but Richard Gomez is the same—and it’s easy to get “Best Answer” when you’ve got multiple accounts to vote for yourself, and almost ALL of his are “Chosen by Voters,” not by the Asker).
It’s all about name recognition, I suppose. Maybe it’s a good book, maybe it has some good tips in it, but it’s still VERY annoying to me the way he flogs it and I still recommend that people get something with CREDIBILITY! :)

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