Career Tests??

Question:I wanna know if their are any sites where u can take a career test based on ur personality that will give u the results and u can also research them on the same site.


I not sure about the research part, but here some sites where you can take a free test

Good Luck!
If you do a Google search, you will come up with a TON.

The one I found and liked in Google was at

I took an official one through my university a few years ago. I didn't agree with the results at the time, as Translator was my best match and I didn't know any languages except English. However, I have recently discovered an aptitude for translating languages I haven't even studied! So, maybe that WAS the right choice for me...too late now! If you get a chance to take an official one through someplace (school, psychologist), try out your skills on your best match. You don't have to pursue it, but maybe a few trial runs would be good.

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