Do colleges or univesity look at ur sat score from high school?( FOR SAT EXPERT ONLY or college students)?

Question:what i dont really get is sometime when i check out colleges board .com the website. In it they had SAt score for colleges that colleges its required ..does colleges look at ur sat score when u apply for it or does they look at ur all of ur high school grade? or even both?...n what if it the end of juinor year n i took my sat exam n had bad scores on it ...can take it again?
is sat score important for colleges or the grade? ...that all i had for now ..plzzz help me im jus really clueless.(it for my future)

okay, colleges look at ure sat is u submit it to them and they want it for their application process. some colleges could care less.. tho they prob, want an ACT or they are international schools. for the most part schools NEED ure sat 1's and 2's. So, whatever data they have at the time that u apply is all the data that they want to look at. so u apply in november/december, and thats all the look at. the first 1 or 2 marking periods of senior year, back untill 9th grade. If you take it at the end of ure junior year and u are dissatisfied with ure grade, u can study up in the summer and take it again in october. This should be the last one that u can take while still being on track for ure application deadlines. schools DO NOT look kindly upon u missing ure application date, BUT if u call then when u apply and tell them that u are taking ure SAT a little later than they deadline (im talking a matter or a week or 2) some schools are lenient and will let u submit it to them anyway.

most schools when deciding upon who is accepted/ rejected have a point system depending on what they are looking for this year. 25% SAT 25% grade 10% class rank 10% extra curriculars 10% recommendations 10% essay 10% awards (just for example) SAT and grade will ALWAYS be the defining points of any school. for information on what the student body looks like and therefore what it looks like to be a student in their next upcoming class i would go to the schools individual website and look for a student profile, or something to that effect.

good luck!
Test scores usually mean more than GPA but both are important. You can take it over and over again.
Colleges look at both your grades and your SAT scores. They look at extracurricular activities as well. And a lot of schools look at your personal statement too, so I hope you're able to write better than what you exhibited above.
Colleges look at everything, your GPA, your SATand or ACT scores(standard testing scores), volunteering, leadership oppurtunites, extracurriculars like sports, etc. It's the whole package that they want, the SATs and ACTs are supposed to be good predicters of how well you will do in college, that is the reason that they look at your scores, by no means is this the only thing that they look at, but it may be a deciding factor if your scores are extradordinarily good or bad and there are many students with similar assets. If you just took an SAT at the end of your Junior year you can still take more, as many as you want before you apply for college, if I remember correctly they have them every three months check
The SAT is a good comparison for colleges to rank against other prospects from other schools. The three main thingd colleges look at are: your ACT/SAT score, your GPA, and your class rank.
You can take the SAT as many times as you want, and only the highest score will be reported.
Also, when colleges look for a student, they grade them on a sliding scale. The higher the sat, the lower the GPA they will accept, and vice vresa.
SO, yes. Colleges really look at your SAT.

Ps. Don't take this the wrong way, but most people would rather read a properly formatted (and spelt) question. I couldn't understand the question, and I needed help with translating the question.
Colleges look at your high school transcript (grades), and your SAT or ACT scores. Both are important to getting in, as well as extra cirriculars, volunteering, reccomendations, and sometimes an essay.

You can take the SAT as many times as you want, and only have to submit one score so you can choose the highest to send to colleges.
Most (read: pretty much all) colleges will look at your SAT score (and colleges that won't care about your score are community colleges), as well as your high school grades. The importance of the SAT is for getting into college (it tests the areas of critical reading, math, and writing). The colleges use your test scores to find out how good you are at the three areas I listed, so that they can decide if you have the academic skills to be successful at the university. You normally take the test sometime in the spring of your junior year. If you are not happy with your scores, you can retake the test (but I must tell you, it would be better to start studying for the test before you even take it the first time) in the fall of your senior year. And if the SAT doesn't cut it for you, there is another test you can take called the ACT (which serves the same purpose as the SAT; you can either take the SAT, the ACT, or both). Colleges will only consider your best scores overall, whatever test (SAT or ACT) your best scores came from.

As a side note, colleges consider a ton of factors when deciding whether you will be admitted. The most important factors are grades, difficulty of classes (obviously, getting good grades in honors or college level classes while you are in high school will help your application a lot), and your standardized test scores from the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT. Your essay can also be of a ton of importance. Other less important factors are job experience, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, awards, class rank,(granted, this kind of figures in with your grades), minority status, recommendations, interviews, family legacy of attending the college, and SAT Subject Test scores (not to be confused with the SAT Reasoning test--2-3 of these tests are often recommended or required by universities for admission; you can take them in different areas like history, English, math, science, and foreign languages. Not all schools use them.).
Schools will look at both your grades and your SAT or ACT test scores. Some schools will also look at activities that you've participated in, awards, volunteer work, interview skills, and essays you've written for them. You should probably plan on taking the SAT at least twice, in case something goes wrong the first time, like if you get sick and totally bomb it. I'd take it once in the beginning of your junior year which leaves time for you to sign up to take it again at the end of your junior year or during the summer before senior year.
Colleges look at both your SAT scores and your GPA.
On average, colleges will deal with your application in the following way...
Classes + Grades... 50%
Test Scores... 25%
Other (Community Service, Extracurriculars)... 25%

When you apply to colleges, they will look at everything you have done so far. You can also update your information later on. So supposing you got a poor SAT score junior year, but a decent one senior year, they would only pay attention to the senior year. More in-depth, suppose junior year you got 700 on reading and 500 on math, and senior year you got 500 on math and 700 on reading. You could combine your two best and get a composite score of 1400.

Hope this helps!

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