G1 and written test?

Question:do you need your g1 to take the course.. and can anyone tell me what exactly to study for the written part,, i have the book im just a lil nervous about it,. thanks..
ohh.. and do you need to book ahead of time in order to write the test.. :S i like know nothing about this

I'm guessing your a fellow Ontarian?
here are the steps:
read the book
take the G1 test at a drive test bring at least $130 and every peace of id you can find including your birth certif, you dont need to book an appointment but go Early, they close Early and there could be a lineup

the g1 test is written, once you have your G1 for a year, make an appointment at drive test for your G2 driving test, or take drivers ed (i took it, really recommend)
then after you have your g2 for a year make a appointment for your G

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