Can you do the REAL SAT online?

Question:If you can, on what website

You cannot do the "actual" test online. Go to and register at the test center nearest you.

You can, however, take a sample test on the same website.
no, you cannot, but if you have a medical reason, you may qualify for an isolated 1 person testing with a proctor and if that disability affects your capabilities, you may get more time to take the test
No. There would be no way to prevent cheating, and the writing portion has to be completed on paper anyway. It's possible that the SAT may someday go the way the SOL test has...namely, that you still have to meet with all of the other testers the way you do now, but the test itself is on a centralized internet-based system. For the moment, though, it's still on paper, and you will never be able to take it from the comfort of your own home.

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