Does my IQ change?

Question:I took the Weschler test for children when I was in second grade, and I got a 148. Could I not be as smart anymore? Should I take a test again to see?

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A group of scientist developed a test that was able to predict late bloomers. In other words children who would become more intelligent as they got older. They tested kids in a classroom. First they gave them their IQ test to see where they were at and made their predictions. Then they told the teacher which students the test predicted were late bloomers. They came back several months later and tested the kids again and sure enough the kids that they predicted would score higher on later tests did. So did they have a test that could predict late bloomers? No

The first and last test were just standard IQ tests. It was the teacher's expectation that certain students would show an increase in intelligence that made the test score higher for those students.
not necessarily it changes !!

but of course different quizzes will give different marks !!

maybe ur quiz was easy one
IQ scores are not perfectly stable. If you got a 148, your "true" IQ probably falls between 142 and 154. However, the odds are, that because your first score was high, the next time you are tested, the new score will probably be lower.
Knowing your IQ score is not as important as doing your best academically. Many students who have high IQs don't bother to do their work properly and so get poor grades. On the other hand, some people with lower IQs apply good effort and get very good grades.
IQ stays relatively stable after early childhood unless you have an illness or accident that affects your mental capacities. Your IQ should be roughly the same as it was when you were in elementary school.

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