ACT Scoring?

Question:Are ACT scores cumulative? Meaning can i pick and choose which scores i want to submit if ive taken it more than once. For example if i make a 28 29 25 30 then a 30 23 25 and 25 could i keep the 30 29 25 and 30 and make that into a score?

Sorry, but no. Unlike (in some cases) the SAT, you're stuck with your composite grade from one test date. You could have multiple test scores sent to a school you're applying to, I suppose, so that they'll SEE all of your highest scores, but generally they'll only consider scores from one test date.
No, you can't make your own composite ACT score by mixing and matching different sections' scores from different test dates. When you send the ACT score, you pick the highest composite score from one day and send that one score, though technically, you could send more than one score, but that would be pretty pointless.
This is in contrast to the SAT, where one score report includes every single SAT you've ever taken while in high school (and possibly before that), and colleges can mix and match scores if they so choose.
Sorry to say that you cannot. The one which averages higher will be used by the colleges at which you are applying.

I reccommend you take the SAT. On this test, you can combine your scores, and there are only two sections that count! (Critical reading and math).

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