If I retake the SAT will my better score from the 1st trial stand alongside the better score from my 2nd?

I've done okay on all but the Math. If I retake the SAT and obtain a better math score but worse within all the rest will adjectives of the best be put together? How do they pick which one to keep?

Answers:    The best score from each of the three section from all administration of the SAT taken by a student will be combined to determine the best composite score. Each passage is considered independently of the other two.
As an aside - schools which publish the median mark for students they accept are really publishing the composite rack up for all administrartions of the SAT taken by those students.
Most colleges will look at the best rack up in respectively section. But I give attention to that they will be able to see adjectives the score and how may times you took the audition. So try not to do too poorly.

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