About the practice tests on GRE website?

Question:Are some of these questions gonna show up during the real GRE or are they just making people practice questions that won’t even appear on their test. Or are they gonna change them?
Does anyone know?

The practice tests on the official ETS website are just that -- practice. They are meant to simulate actual test questions, but they do not contain questions that will appear on future GREs. However, these practice test questions are still good practice because they are indicative of the TYPE of question you will encounter on the actual GREs. They will test similar concepts. Do not forget, the more practice you get on the question types before the test the less likely it is that you will feel uncomfortable and unprepared on the test. Also, study your vocab!!
well if not same questions very similar ones appear ! practicing on web is good. So go ahead n keep practicing until u take the test!

Good luck!

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