16 days until GCSE results come out.is anyone else terrified?

Question:I am so scared.I really just want to know my results but then again I don't in case they're really bad. The worst part is is that I didn't revise and I'm freaking out about it - I know it's my fault and everything but yeah..I'm praying I get decent results.

How are all you GCSE-ers feeling about it?

O gosh! aaah! lol absloutley petrified... only 14days left till the 23rd and im soooo scared because all the revision i did was the night b4 (not the best thing 2 do!!) serious i think i did disasterous!... the exams didn't feel as real as the mocks did and i was sitting there really bored so just started daydreaming for half the exam, i even started writing about the lion king in the re exam! lol (earth is ppls kingdom... lyk jungle is ruled by lions etc etc... how silly!)

gd luck with ur results
hope both of us will be pleasantly surprised!
i dont really care coz i did mine about 5 years ago and failed miserably but i still own a car sales firm so good luck and you can still achieve your goals
lol dont even get me started on the subject hun, but all i can say is dont worry about it, worrying cant change anything and its all down to fate now, the outcome will change your future but one day you may be glad even if you did get bad results because then another opportunity might arise, always look for a silver lining, even if you do so bad you cant get into college it may be beneficial cos u might start an apprenticship and get an amazing career etc. and be so happy u did bad, but i doubt someone who is worried can do reli reli badly cos the only ppl who do that bad are ppl who dont care about their results at all and u obviously do xxx gd luck 2 u, wish me luk aswell xxxx
eek yes. i don't know how i did, now i think i shouldn't have procrastinated and started to revise instead of the weekend before my exams...fingers crossed and good luck.
I went through all of this last year, and i know it horrible. Even on the day i got my results it took me about an hour before i opened them, i kept thinking, open it and so, then no dont open it!! lol!
My AS results are out on the 16th so im really freaked about that. But i supose you've just got to remember, the exams are over so worrying now isn't going to help, and if all is bad, its not the end of the world.
My nephews got his GCSE results coming out soon and he really doesn't seem to be overly concerned.

Hope you get the results you want/need for further study/work.
Try to avoid unjustifiable impatience. It gets on one's nerves.
What will be shall be.
Am really scared am meant to get at least B's (well actually according to my SAT'S am supposed to get A*s but they lowed my results) in all the ones i hav taken but i doubt that will happen i completely f**ked up my mocks because i didn't revise i then failed ict because my teacher flat out refused to help any one but the A students so i got DD and i failed textiles lol but am not bothered about that. i cried when my mocks were all C's so if i get anything less then C's al b absolutely devastated and i mean i wont go home because my mother will kill me i got grounded from February - til my last exam because of my results so i hope i do well.
i am fine with the results. but since its over, then its over. u can,t do anything now. hope u get decent results. cheers
I feel scared about my GCSE results as well! I think I would probably good results, like 10 A* to Cs (well that's what I was predicted). The worst thing is if the Sixth Form won't accept you due to the results. The Sixth forms I am re-applying to would accept me if my grades are good enough.

Well, good luck! :)
I know what you are all feeling like its not a nice feeling but I will let you know that as soon as you have got into college they are really quite irrelevant. This time 2 years ago I was in a big state about my results and lucking i got 6Bs 3As 1A* but then for AS i got CEEU a big change luckily I have brought the grades up alot this year and im currently waiting to see if I have got the grades to go to uni.
The main thing you need to get to college is 5 A*-Cs yeah you want them all but if you get the 5 you will be accepted into most colleges to do Alevels etc and thats when the fun begins.
I have to say though that when I went for a uni interview they did pick up on my GCSE results so good grades can give you an advantage there.
I think I have gone a bit off the topic but good luck to you all and I wish you all the best for the future.
All i can say is everyone should calm down. I guarantee you will all get "A,s" or"B,s".
We all know how much brighter todays children are. the exam results prove it, year on year record passes.
P.S. .Don't believe these doubters who say tests are easier today , they are not. I am sure you all would do just as well with the old ' O LEVEL' even though there was no course work and 100% percent of your mark was final exam based. So if i were you i would be celerbrating my ten grade A and B passes now. WELL DONE EVERYONE.

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