ACT and SAT age?

Question:what grade do you take the SAT?
what grade do you take the ACT?
and what grade do you take the PSAT?

There are a lot of common misconceptions about the PSAT-- it is MADE to be taken in October of students' junior year, 11th grade! It's offered once a year in October, however, so some schools have students take it in 10th grade or even 9th grade, for practice. But the PSAT is also called the NMSQT-- National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, and the ONLY time you can qualify for National Merit is October of your junior year.
The ACT and SAT are most commonly taken in the spring of students' junior year and the fall of senior year, however some students start taking either test, or both, much earlier, to ensure they get the scores they want by the time they apply to colleges. I suggest you take it as early as you can, just so you can know how it works and what/how to study-- your top score is what matters so it can't hurt to take it early, if you can! Good luck!
took the PSAT sophomore yr
took SAT during Junior and Senior

ACT isnt necessary but you can take it whenever...preferably junior or senior yr. It substitutes the SAT for some school requirements, but not a lot of them .
you take the SAT's 11th and 12th. you can take it twice or jut once.
i dont know about the other
the psats i toke at the beginning of my junior year, sats are more towards the end
You usually take your PSATs either sometime in your sophmore year or early in your junior year.

You usually take the SATs or ACTs (usually a student does not take both... the SATs look better for college) sometime in Junior year usually towards the end and in the beginning of Senior year if you choose to take them again.
SAT and ACT are the same type of test and you only have to take one. MOST people take these tests the end of junior year, when they have the information from their junior classes. You can also take it at the beginning of your senior year.

You can take the PSAT in your sophomore or junior year before you take the SAT or ACT, but MOST people take it in the beginning of junior year to prepare for taking the other tests.
you can take the PSAT 10th grade and the SAT your 11th and 12th grade
You can take the SAT and the ACT whenever you want. Most people take it the spring of their junior year, and again the fall of their senior year. These are good times because it is better to take it when you are older and more experienced (especially in the math section).

You take the PSAT (practise SAT) at the beginning of your junior year. If you do well, it qualifies you for a National Merit Scholarship.
psat in 10/11th
sat and act in 11th/12th

the SAT and the ACT are both as credible as eachother and you don't have to take both. It depends on where you'd like to go to school. ACT is prominent in the midwest. (and anyone from the midwest will tell you that the act>sat) The SAT, thoyugh, is more common in coastal areas. (People from there perfer the SATs)
Well, technically, with the ACT and the SAT, you can take them any year you want, and any number of times you want. However, most students take the SAT and/or the ACT one time (or even two times) during their junior year, and preferably, they take it during the late winter or spring (as in January--June). Then, if they aren't satisfied with their scores, they take either or both of the tests again during the fall of their senior year (earlier is better).

The PSAT is taken during 10th grade and again in 11th grade (although the test isn't mandatory for getting into college, it's worth taking because knowing how well you are doing (and what your stengths and weaknesses are) on the test in 10th and 11th grade will help you plan your studies for the real SAT better). Also, in 11th grade, you can qualify for the National Merit competition if you do well enough. It's only offered once a year, in October.

Don't forget that you may need plan your test times well so that you can work take SAT Subject tests (which are one hour subject tests in areas like English, history, foreign languages, math, and science). You can take up to three in one test setting, and some colleges will require or recommend that you take 2-3 tests. For science, history, and (maybe) math, you'll want to take the test as soon as possible after you finish a course, or very close to finishing a course with a corresponding test. For English and foreign languages and (maybe) math, you'll want as much experience as possible before you go off and take the test. I say "maybe" with math because my experience is that the more years of math you have, regardless of the fact that you math course might cover material that is more advanced than what is on the test, the better you'll do. However, the official guides tell you to take Math 1 after you finish Algebra 2 or Math 2 after you finish 4th year math.
all of them are taken your Junior year.

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