Driver's Written Test?

Question:I'm going to be attempting to take the written driver's test in the next couple of days for the 9th time, but my problem is I read the book back and forth thinking I know the answers and my parents wont take me out in the car till I get my permit but when it comes time to actually take the test I bomb major time! Does anyone have any tips that may help with the problem?

There are only a certain amount of tests, such as in my area, there are only 4 different permit tests. If you took it 8 times, then you should be able to review your old tests.

Also, don't just read the book. Have your parents make up questions that could be on the test and have them test you, and pay attention to all the rules of the road as your parents are driving and ask them questions or have them ask you questions. My dad constantly asked me questions before I took the test and I passed on the first try.

AND everybody is suppose to wait until they get your permit to drive, so don't blame your parents. If you get pulled over without your permit then guess what? You can say goodbye to your permit and license until you're 18. Do you really want to risk that?

Believe in yourself and I wish you the best of luck on your next try. Just make sure you are prepared when you do!
Try this:
You might be able to find something similar on your state's site. Most of them are word for word from tests.
first of all, review your old permit tests.. they should have marked the right answer on the trest when you got it wrong.. also if you need more help.. there are multiple practice tests on or their website and go to your respective state.. good luck.
what state are you from i got a 86 on my permit test first shot its not that hard bro. just fuckin relax and pay attention to the class. then youll do fine on the drivers test

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