Can I get in to the University of Buffalo?

Question:I have an 87 average, but a 27 on the ACT and a 1190 on the SAT. My grade trend is also increasing.

Freshman- 2.292
Junior- 3.269, with a 3.708 the 4th quarter

My mother also went to pharmacy school at UB, however I just want to get in and major in biology.

Can I get in?

you have good shot. as good as i do i want to go there and i have nearly the same grades. though my SAT score was worse. im going for occupational therapy. my counselor says i have a good chance. see ya there : )
I would say you have a good shot.
All you have to do is apply & find one can for sure tell you if you are going to get in or not. Everyone is Good luck :)

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