Reasons for animal conducting tests on cosmetics?

i am doing some science h/w research, and i need some reason for animal testing. i can find plenty against, but not a soul actually seem to think its a flawless thing:P

cosmetics reason only please


Answers:    Do you be aware of you will get aspiration responses to that question within this forum? For your research to be valid, you're going to need reliable, valid sources for that information. It's time to start contacting cosmetic companies and asking question of the people who are in reality in the know.
The biggest reason cosmetic companies use animals for carrying out tests is a legal one. The animals hold no rights, and are owned by the cosmetics company, hence the company cannot be sued. Yes, its all almost the money, honey! The second reason cosmetic companies use animals for carrying out tests is ethical. People should not perform experiments on other general public. Something could go wrong and someone could be seriously hurt. Since animals hold no rights, the cosmetic companies use them to save money and potential lives. I do not sponsor animal testing. I am freshly giving you the reasons it is done. Just remember, cosmetic companies are in the main interested in making a profit and not making their customers sick.

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