AP Biology Exam?

Question:I want to purchase a book to help me prepare for the AP Biology Test. Which would be the best to buy? I saw "Cracking the AP Biology Exam, 2006-2007 Edition
Kim Magloire, Princeton Review", one by Cliffsnotes, and another by Barron's. Which of these three, or even one not mentioned, would be the best and most beneficial?

Personally, I used Barron and I got a 4. My first impression for Barron was No.1, however, after I took the exam, I felt disappointed in the guide. The difficulty wasn't hard but it teaches you the basics in each concept very well. As far as 'm concerned with Princeton, DONT buy it.

Therefore, my best buy is actually Kaplan, it teaches everything in-depth, and if you want to know every tiny stuff about biology, use this guide!

Hopefully that's helpful, mail me if u want for questions. (mysteryhack@yahoo.com).
barrons- hard to read, too much excess info, which is great for frqs, really boring, but still good.

princeton- not necessarily funny, but concise and to the point.

cliffnotes.. the latest edition was out in like 2002... and its erally long. and stuff. its like really okay.

all of these can get you a 5 but... it depends on how you study...

i personally use the 5 steps to a 5.... by mcgrawhill.

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