ACT test help.will i pass the second time?

Question:i am 17 years old and im in the 12th grade now...and i took my first ACT test june 9th and i made a 14 on it because i mostly guessed on the whole thing.i guessed on the whole test because time was running out and i didnt get the reading and it caused me to read slower and slower every time.pleaseee help me with some advice...i have to retake it in september and i really want to make a 22 to get into UT Martin college and i want to be a Veterinarian...i also suck in math and i actually scored higher in math on the test and i guessed on scared,nervous,and worried..somebody please help me because i dont wana feel dumb for the rest of my life and i also have low self esteem real bad?

I would definitely suggest getting a book to study from (I've used Kaplan books for SAT prep and most of the time they were pretty good). Make sure you study everyday for a set amount of time, and then some days take a practice test instead (the book will give you some more ideas of how to schedule your time). Make sure you don't cram the night before because you don't retain much that way. As for the reading, make sure that you just push through the passages. Don't bother reading into every detail--you can always come back later if you need to know the details.
You don't pass or fail the ACT. You simply get a score. A higher score is better, of course.

There are study programs available that help you score high on the ACT, SAT, etc. Some are personal training programs, where you work with a tutor or trainer. Others are where you get a book of practice tests, and start taking them ahead of time, and scoring them yourself. The first ones are expensive, but some guarantee you will get good scores, I think. The books are cheaper, but still help. Go get whichever you think will be best for you.
haha I'm also studying too, I'm going to be a Junior. What I suggest is buy yourself a study guide to help you. Go to borders or bookstores to buy an ACT Study Guide, and the one I suggest is Kaplan<<<really helpful, but you can't be lazy if you want to get a good score. Avoid yourself with games and computers, go to the library or something. And also don't guess because you feel like it, take it like it depends on your life!

-Good luck!

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