Anybody know any good SAT/PSAT prep sites?

Question:hi i m preparing for SAT and i need good sites for practice that could help with the sat. i already kno college board princetonreview and sparknotes.

I would suggest that rather than sites, you purchase a couple of books/CDs to practice with. These are usually more structured and with some of the CD programs, you can take a diagnostic test and have a tailored study plan made.

However, if you are aiming for a really high score, I would just take the heaviest, most extensive prep that the CD offers.

The Kaplan CD set I used when I took the test is probably not available anymore, especially since the SAT changed, but here is a study set that comes with a CD and a book:

Here is another set of CD and also gives you test prep for the ACT, which is a test that you might want to consider taking since colleges seem to be noticing it more and more these days:

They are both about $35.

Personally I like the computer based preps, because you are timed much more accurately on the practice tests. But regular books are also good to use, especially when you get tired of staring at a computer screen.

It's important to start studying for the test as soon as possible, that is, give yourself plenty of time. I studied for the SAT about two years in advance, basically for a few hours on the weekends, as I was still busy with schoolwork during weekdays. It really paid off as I got a 790 on the verbal section.

Good luck and study hard!
Kaplan and Princeton Review have free newsletters to sign up for. As you mentioned, SparkNotes is great. Testsherpa has some SAT but mostly just math prep. Still, the math prep that they do have is really good. You might try some services like word a day to help with vocab, too. Also, Amazon and ebay often feature used test materials from classes that were expensive to take. For example, a Kaplan course can be over $1,000 but you can buy the used course materials and books for less than $100 on ebay sometimes.
Use It's free and they have sooo much practice stuff. They also have a free program for the ACTs.
Vantage Learning offers an affordable online writing instruction program called MY Access! Home that can be purchased with an SAT Prompt Pack. It provides practice tests, guided instruction, and activities to help you prepare for the writing portion of the SAT®. It costs @ $140 for both My Access! and the SAT Prompt Pack, but can be well worth the investment.

You can see more about it at

For full disclosure, I do work for the company, but as this is exactly what the product is designed for, I thought it worth posting.

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