Critical reading help on PSAT??

Question:i need help, i mean i dont know how to answer the questions
it sucks basically i mean i am fair on the sentence completions
but i suck when it comes dowm to critical reading!
what to do !?

i was horrible at critical reading. that is, until, i asked a question similar to yours on here and someone gave me the best advice in the world. the advice is this: answer questions as you read the passage for the first time. the questions usually have page numbers telling you where in the passage they'll be found. start reading and when you get to a part where pages are cited for a question, answer them right away. go in order because that's how the questions are listed. save the questions without page numbers until the end.

this stategy really helped me. i raised my critical reading score by 150. i don't know if it works for everyone but it sure as hell helped me.

edit: another suggestion is to read a lot. you pick up new vocab along the way that may help you.

since your only a freshmen, remember that psats count for almost nothing except scholarships and only the top 2 percent have a chance to get them anyways. what's important is the SATs and you have plenty of time to prepare. keep taking practice tests, that's what i do, and maybe get a tutor, and you should be fine.

best of luck.
Try reading's sat guide when studying for the critical reading section of the SAT exam. I bought it for only 10 bucks and it helped me a lot...

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