ACT/SAT test?

Question:What score did you get on your ACT or your SAT test? What would be considered an average score? Did you prepare for your ACT test at all?

My composite ACT score was a 33, and I studied like you wouldn't even believe =). I haven't taken the SAT though, because of where I live, so I don't really know anything about it. The national average on the ACT is about 21 right now, according to the Princeton Review.
19 on the ACT is the lowest you can get and NOT have to take remedial classes to start college. If you get a score of 27. most colleges will give you a free ride!
I recommend taking the study test free online.
My daughter has test anxiety & took it 3 times before she got a 19! lol
Good luck! Your 23 is great!
I got a composite 30 on my ACT and an 1820 on the SAT. It's quite a difference. Ironically, I didn't prepare half as much for the ACT as I did for the SAT. I really didn't prepare that much at all-I looked over the format and directions..that was it.

I don't know what the average is for the ACT's..but the SATs i know its 1500.

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