Coaching or hurting kids?

Question:I saw this math problem given to a kid at grade 5 from a coaching place. Kids get sent to coaching places in hope to win places in selective schools or scholarships. This is not a real problem, I just imitate the form of it to illustrate the point

The 2 numbers in the following pair of numbers share the same relationship, find the value of X

(1, 1) (3, 5) (0, -1) (4, X)

The problem with this problem is that you must have learnt the equation of the form y = Ax + B. You must have learnt the graphing of it. Then you also need to learn how to construct an equation of this form before you can solve the problem above. Can gifted kids at grade 5 do this?

I wonder whether kids at grade 7 or even 9 to master the skills. But by throwing this at grade 5, they probably just show them a trick to follow to solve the problem without the need to understand the maths at all.

well they wouldn't be giving them those problems if they couldn't handle them, some children are gifted and need harder problems, i was doing algebra in 5th grade, if i did the 5th grade level math i would have been bored
i think that's what "gifted" means.
i honestly hate math and i dont see how they could do that! math is the only subject i hate...sometimes it seems so unimportant

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