Do you know anything about the General GRE?

Question:I heard rumors that they were changing the GRE? Did they change it?
What is the format now? Is it still computer-based? How long does it take to complete? How long does it take for my scores to come back?

It is still computer based. I also heard that they are eliminating the computer adapted test because of issues overseas with cheating. You will get your verbal and quantitative scores for the computer-based test right after you take it (within seconds). It takes a few weeks to get the official scores sent out and to get your writing score, maybe 6 weeks?
Yes, I know something about it, as I wrote it on Tuesday!

They have not changed it yet, there are two new question types coming in November.

The format is analytical writing, quantitative, and verbal sections. It is computer based. It took me about 4 hours to complete as there were two quantitative sections (one real and one test).

You get the quantitative and verbal scores immediately once you finish the exam. I am still waiting for the writing score.

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