Are psat's important as sat's??

No. That being said, remember that a good PSAT score can help you win scholarships. I pulled some info from the SAT prep site I used and it has information on how the PSAT is set up and how important it is:

Good luck. It is coming up in October sometime. Mine was last year in October.
Not really. Its just practice and doesnt count for anything. But the practice is always helpful.
The p in psat stands for practice. And practice always makes perfect. While you only submit your sat score to colleges and not the psat, there is a ton of benefits from taking the psat's as seriously as the actual test. You get good practice, minus the essay, if you do well enough you can qualify for the nmsqt, which gives the 99 percentile group or something like that scholarship money, and the psat is also the first thing that the collge board tells colleges about, allowing decent colleges to send letters to the students that did well enough to take interest in their respective college.
PSAT scores are important in their own way, not only as practice for the SAT. The National Merit Scholarship competition is based on PSAT scores. If you score in the 99th percentile, you are pretty much guarenteed a full scholarship to the school of your choice (excluding Ivy Leagues, maybe). If you score in the 98th percentile, you are a National Merit Commended Scholar, also an impressive distinction that should help you get serious scholarship money.

Don't stress about the test too much, but certainly don't blow it off. If you do well, it could make a huge difference in your future. And either way, it IS good practice for the SAT.
PSAT's don't count for anything they are just practice, no one but you see your scores.

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