Does cursive on the SATs help you get a better score?

Question:my 8th gr english teacher makes us write in cursive all the time, because on the essay for SATs "evaluators are bias to cursive'.......
is this true

No, be careful of confusing correlation and causation. Statistically, those who write in cursive get better SAT scores. The report I listed below says 15% of people used cursive and they averaged a 7.2 (out of 12) while 85% didn't write in cursive and they averaged a 7.0.

As someone stated earlier, students writing in cursive tend to be better writers anyway so there are some confounding factors.

In simple terms, don't worry about writing in cursive or block. Focus on learning how to write clear, argumentative essays and understand how the SAT essay is graded. Use a good SAT preparation course online if you need to.
There's essay on the SAT's?
I must be getting old. I don't remember any essays on the SAT.
Nah, your teacher probably told you that so that you would be motivated to practice it. Honestly, if it does anything, it probably hurts your score because it's almost impossible to read a student's cursive, unless it's extremely neat and organized.
I don't think that's true. Cursive is harder to read than print. Unless you write very neatly in cursive. Evaluators just want the essay to be legible.
No. Some statistics monkeys at collegeboard like to say that those who write in cursive get higher scores.

It's much more likely that schools that emphasize cursive also emphasie writing, thus yielding higher writing scores.

Cursive doesn't make people write better. In fact, if you don't usually write it, it probably will look unruly and illegible on the exam.

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