Do u have any idea to help my classmate who sits in the back to sit infront?

Question:some of my class mates have a problem in their seat in the class.. they are now sitting in the back of the class because they came late in the first day and the rule in our class is wherever you sit in the first day of the academic year you are going to sit in the same place in the whole year.. now the one who are sitting in the back are complainig that they can't see the presentation and the lecturer.. and by the way we are not allowed to change the table order of the class and not supposed to take our chair to sit in other places in the class

so plzzz they are suffering everyday plz help them by your ideas?


I do think its totally unfair as they also have an equal opportunity to sit in front bench and it should be done so that all should have an equal opportunity to sit in front bench.
Best way is you should talk to your lecturer and ask them to be done in rotational basis, in which one who is sitting on 1st bench in 1st row should move to 2nd bench on 2nd row 1st one who is sitting on 1st bench 3rd row will move to 2nd bench 1st row if there r three rows etc.....

however the best way is ...

there shouldn't be any fixed seats who comes early in class should sit in front while who comes ate should sit at back...

this avoid discomfort and interruptions as when the student comes late and is supposed to sit in front bench will interrupt teacher while they are teaching
That's their fault that they sat back there. Maybe you should give them one more chance to pick their seats and say that's it for TWO years.

Are there any spare desks nearer to the front? They could ask the lecturer if they can move. If they have problems with their eyesight and the lecturer thinks they are more likely to pay attention, I'm sure he/she will jump at the chance.

Hope this helps.
I think you should have them talk to the lecturer and say that they are having difficulty in taking full advantage of the lecture. They should be allowed to move their tables up to sit further up. It's not fair that because they were late once that they must suffer forever.
1)its usual tat the trouble makers 're always caught n made to sit in just do some unacceptable thing (like eating, reading...u know) at the back regularly n.. problem solved..
2)else u can suggest the the rotation of rows to ur lecturer so tat all get a chance to sit in the front..
well my suggestion is u can take somebodies advice in the school well the rules are rules and the violation of it will give punishment i think that u should talk to the professor of the class and tell the situation that students are facing. if they don't help then u can always go to principal and ask the help in the polite manner. and see if he/she can help that's my idea.

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