Did not get the chance to take Physics in highschool ?

Question:So I 'm probably going to be lost in college is there any sites or things you would recommend for help

You will not necessarily be lost unless you are planning on majoring in science. If that is the case, you should take a community college physics class which is a heck of a lot easier that a 4 year's class. But, in any college 101 class, they pretty much assume you know nothing, so I wouldn't worry. Trust me, there aren't any sites that will really help you. Physics was hard for almost everyone I've known in high school and I don't think most kids got much out of it. If you are required to take science as electives, by the way, you can get away with intro classes. My college said I needed one bio and one physics or chem.
i think i have a website that might help you a little. It's called www.kidshealth.org. i really didn't know what you ment but what i got out of it that's what i understood

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