EXAMS what should i do?

Question:I need to pass my exams but no matter how hard i study my brain doesn't remember anything that i studied,,,
i study for so long especially on weekends,

You are studing too much, pace yourself and study in intervals, take notes for yourself on the main things and key parts. Also try to limit the number of things you study in one interval. Good luck on Exams.
You should relax a bit. Don't push yourself to the limit.
Sometimes it doesn't matter how long you study, but it depends on your study methods. How do you study? Do you just read the book? If so, take notes when you read. It will help you stay focused and learn the material better. Also, do exercises and work out examples. Think critically about the material. For example, if you are studying math, don't just look over previous problems, work out new ones.

Studying isn't about memorizing. It's about comprehending the material.

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