ACT GRE Analogy Strategies?

Question:Does anyone have a link to a site or can tell me where I can find strategies for analogy questions, SPECIFICALLY strategies/tricks that teach you how to figure out the correct answer especially if you don't know one or both of the words in the stem or one or both of the words in the answer choices?

Thank you.

I tooked the GRE a couple of times. The first time I used the Kaplan book study guide. I wasn't happy with my score, my verbal score was too low. I then tried the Princeton Review book and I had a better result with it. I don't know of any good sites for studying but with the purchase of the Princeton Review book you get a free membership to their website. On the website you can get study help, practice tests and they have a timeline for studying depending on how much time you have before the test. They also have a smaller book specifically for the verbal section of the test. I struggle with the verbal part and this book helped out a lot.

I don't remember what I used for the ACT, I think I just used a book for that too.

Good luck.

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