Ap biology?

Question:what is the best way to write a free response question for the most possible points? i did really bad on the first one this term. does anyone have any tips or pointers they can give me?

well i recently passed my ap bio exam. i was extremely worried about the essay questions because i didn't know what they were giving points for. so i basically just wrote down everything i knew, made it sound like i know what im talking about, and avoid contradicting myself. my teacher always said that they can only award you with points, they cant deduct you unless you contradict yourself. so just put down everything you know and hope for the best. and if you dont know anything, use common sense. its better to put something than nothing.
In AP Biology, we read some different free responses that got different points. There was one where he was just writing down sentences of facts that were correct, related, and answered the question, which got a decent score. Then there was another one that just listed things down in bullet points, which got 0 points even though things were correct. (The rules say you cannot just list.) Then there was one which was really eloquent, well written, and pretty good prose that got good points too.

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